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At the core of myself is a massively introverted individual whose heart jumps into his mouth when his phone rings or someone tries to talk to me who I don’t know.

Public speaking for years was my nemesis. When confronted with the possibility of talking in front of more than a couple of people, I would run for the hill. But, as a fitness coach once said, you must ‘work on your weaknesses’. So I did.

Here are a collection of my more recent talks. Unfortunately, some are behind paywalls, but those conferences had other incredible speakers, so it might be worth trying to get your company to pay for a digital pass!

CSS: Cascading Support Systems.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to talk at the Lead Dev event in London in 2022. I spoke about how I used therapy techniques to build a system of support in a group of teams I was leading.

Check It Out Here

Punk Leadership

In 2021 WeAreDevelopers ran their World Congress event online and I gave the version of the Punk Leadership talk that I wanted to give at a previous event, but was asked to tone down. This was the very first seed on the Punk Leadership concept, so it’s quite “rough around the edges” so enjoy the ride.

Check It Out Here

Klarna Internal Talks

When I was at Klarna, I made a number of talks at internal events and conferences. Handily Klarna has been lovely enough to upload a few of them to YouTube.